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2019 State Missions Offering Goal: $35,000

Fourteen million people across Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which makes the work of expanding the Kingdom through the Baptist Resource Network (BRN) and its churches crucial. To that end, every year, Baptists across the BRN pray for and give financially to expand God’s Kingdom work right here in our own backyards.

Check out what your prayers and generous giving support!

This state missions offering is an annual observance in BRN-affiliated churches that highlights what God is doing across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Each summer, local congregations learn about, pray for and give to support special ministries, outreach projects and other initiatives, such as collegiate ministries, volunteer ministries, disaster relief, and emergency funding for pastors, which are uniquely connected to PA/SJ Baptists and not funded through regular giving streams.

BRN Next Collegiate Ministry

BRN Next Collegiate Ministry

Pennsylvania/South Jersey has approximately 750,000 students on about 225 campuses, one of the largest student populations in the nation. If we are to reach our region, it is vital that reaching our student population be an essential part of our strategy. We currently have about 15 vocational campus ministers serving across our region on 13 campuses, accompanied by a number of short-term workers, plus a number of churches that are reaching out to the campuses within their context. We need more campus ministers, more churches to intentionally engage campuses within their spheres of influence, and more church plants that have a ministry to students in their DNA.

Disaster and Crisis Relief

Disaster and Crisis Relief

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is a hands-on ministry provided by trained members of local churches to those affected by disasters of every kind. Our mission is to represent Jesus by bringing His help, healing, and hope to individuals and communities beset by the crisis, chaos, and confusion of natural and man-made calamity. Our Pennsylvania/South Jersey DR chapter is strong and active, with trained volunteers from every region of the BRN and immediate response experience that includes front-line ministry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states. Several units are currently available for call-outs. Our ministry units include a feeding unit, a shower/laundry unit, several clean-up and recovery units, and a command and communications unit.

Compassion Care

Compassion Care

Healthy churches require healthy leaders. To that end, the Baptist Resource Network offers resources and events to provide compassionate care to our pastors, planters and their families, in particular, and to others as the Lord opens those doors. Your offering helps meet their emergency needs as well as provide ongoing support. We provide these services because we love and support our pastors, planters and their families, particularly when they find themselves in difficult situations and need someone to walk alongside them.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. – Acts 1:8

Downloadable Promotional Resources

To promote the offering in your church, feel free to download the following resources, available in multiple languages. To download, click on desired graphic to open in a full window. Then, right click on the image and choose “save image as.”

Slides in multiple languages and sizes (16:9 and 4:3)

Slide, English, 4:3

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Slide, Spanish, 4:3

Slide, Vietnamese, 4:3

Slide, English, 16:9

Slide, French, 16:9

Slide, Korean, 16:9

Slide, Vietnamese, 16:9

Slide, Spanish, 16:9

Twitter graphics in multiple languages

Kingdom Expansion art-Twitter-English

Twitter, English

Twitter, French

Kingdom Expansion Art-Twitter-Korean

Twitter, Korean

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Twitter, Vietnamese

Facebook graphics in multiple languages

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Instagram graphics in multiple languages

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Poster (11×17)

Poster, English 11x17

Poster, French, 11x17

Poster, Spanish, 11x17

Prayer Guide (8.5×14)

Prefer a pdf? Download it here. View instructions on how to fold brochure below.

Click on the image to preview the video and on the button to download it

Animated Explainer
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Executive Director Appeal
(~ 5 min)

SMO Emphasis
BRN Next Collegiate Ministry
Lock Haven University

SMO Emphasis
BRN Next Collegiate Ministry
Robert Turner

SMO Emphasis
Disaster Relief
Kenton Hunt

SMO Emphasis
Disaster Relief
Clearfield Flooding

SMO Emphasis
Compassion Care
Beth Whitworth

SMO Emphasis
Compassion Care
Jerry Dixon

Letter from Paul Chitwood, President of the International Mission Board

Dr. Paul Chitwood, President, International Mission Board

Your state convention helps churches reach your state and our world for Christ

My first international mission trip took place on a farm in central Kentucky.

As a new pastor in the community, I found myself interacting often with migrant workers from Central and South America. And I soon realized that most were spiritually lost. From conversations with farmers, I learned many of them were as concerned as I was about the eternal state of the souls of these (mostly) men who were so far away from their homes and families. As we began to pull together churches in our association and piece together a plan to begin a migrant ministry, we found an organization ready and eager to help us: our Baptist state convention. With the assistance of our state convention staff, we were soon seeing people from all over Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua come to Christ — though we never left Kentucky.

Ministries in our 41 Southern Baptist state conventions vary from state to state, but their mission is the same: help churches reach their state and our world for Christ. As we enter the fall of the year, most of our state conventions are promoting their annual state mission offering to support these vital ministries. My family will be giving to support the work in our state. As grateful and enthusiastic as I am for Southern Baptists’ support of international missions, I’m also thankful for and supportive of the ministry and mission work of our state conventions.

From my past experience as a pastor and state mission leader, I have seen firsthand the missional impact of state convention ministries. Where I served in Kentucky, more than 100 missionaries in the state receive varying levels of support for their work. Ministries to refugees, migrants, and ethnic minorities are often led or assisted by state convention team members and resources. State conventions help facilitate church planting, church strengthening and revitalization efforts, as well as provide evangelism training and coordinate Disaster Relief ministry. In many states, collegiate work is led by the state convention and support is also provided for the ministry of local Baptist associations.

One of our adopted daughters was rescued and kept safe by our state convention’s orphan and foster care ministry before she came into our family. The lives of unborn children are being saved by crisis pregnancy centers that are often funded, in part, by the state convention. Several state conventions are actively involved in lobbying efforts for legislation that will protect unborn children from the horror of abortion.

Many state conventions provide training and funding for prison ministries, through which inmates are hearing the gospel, trusting Christ, and being baptized by local churches. Women in the adult entertainment industry are being shown pathways to freedom and salvation, and churches are equipped for ministry to the homeless and those suffering addiction.

Across America, people are finding new life in Christ as churches work together through their state convention ministries. In addition to your church’s Cooperative Program support, your annual state mission offering is an opportunity for Great Commission and Great Commandment giving. Will you join my family and be a part of what God is doing through these ministries by giving through your state mission offering this year?

Dr. Paul Chitwood
President, International Mission Board

Letter from Barry Whitworth, Executive Director of the Baptist Resource Network

Dr. Barry Whitworth, Baptist Resource Network

Dear Pastors and Church Members,

With great joy I write to introduce to you the 2019 State Missions Offering materials. By now you should have received a poster to hang where it will be visible in your church, prayer guides that give specific leads on how to pray for the ministries supported by the State Missions Offering, giving envelopes, as well as a postcard for this website, where you’ll find all the materials in downloadable format. If your church is bilingual, be sure to check out the website for materials that meet your needs.

This year’s theme is Kingdom Expansion. Kingdom Expansion is more than church growth – it is a movement of God spreading from the hearts of individuals to our homes, towns, cities, and the ends of the earth.

Jesus said to “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” He also said to “Pray… thy Kingdom come.”

Acts 1:8 says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

With every decision, healthy churches do not ask, “What would we like?” but rather, “What will most effectively build the Kingdom of God in our place?” Our job is not to build the Church – Jesus will do that – but to seek first the Kingdom and in so doing, strive for healthy behaviors that drive consistent growth and expansion.

Healthy churches focus on MISSIONAL ENGAGEMENT, which is living out the Kingdom of God in their particular cultural context. Our Disaster and Crisis Relief Ministry does just that!

Healthy churches have an INTENTIONAL DISCIPLESHIP process in place to move people from spiritual infancy to spiritual parenthood. Our BRN NEXT Collegiate Ministry does just that – during one of the most vital times in a person’s life!

Healthy churches invest in ongoing LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT so that they have a strong farm team for new ministries and church starts. Our Compassion Care Ministry helps make that happen.

It is true: a healthy mission is focused on multiplication—EXPANSION—at every level.

Do you desire to see every disciple make new disciples, every ministry birth new ministries, and every church multiply new churches? At the BRN, we have a clear vision of seeing every church within our Pennsylvania-South Jersey geography become a healthy, multiplying church. Please commit one week to join with your fellow Baptists across the BRN to earnestly pray for requests and give to help support these three areas. We trust God hears our prayers and moves to expand His influence—and His Kingdom—accordingly.

Thank you!

Dr. Barry Whitworth
Executive Director-Treasurer

Prayer Requests

Pray for those who need healing and counsel to be receptive to God’s guidance. Ask God to bestow His peace upon His servants and bring them near to Him. Pray for the counselors to look to God’s wisdom and strength as they help leaders to seek God’s restoration. May His praise be upon the lips of His people!

With over 750,000 students in PA/SJ, our need is great. We desperately need more people to respond to God’s call and take up the responsibility for reaching the next generation. Pray that God would indeed send out more workers into His harvest field of the campuses of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Please pray that God would increase the number of trained Disaster Relief volunteers in PA/SJ and across the country. As our abilities become more known, our resources become more relied upon. 

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